Three Billy Goats Gruff ANQSmallQuest01

Location: Brukreich Bridge

To start the quest either speak with Rarassa or kill the troll on Brukreich Bridge.

Speak with Rarassa the Goatkeep who is waiting with his three billy goats gruff on the road near Brukreich Bridge (on the road from Leyawiin to Corinthe).

He asks you to kill a troll guarding the bridge so that he can take his goats to pasture on the other side of the river. Go to the bridge and kill the Bridge Troll. The troll is a beefed up version of the brown desert troll. Grab the Troll Key from its inventory.

Then return to Rarassa and collect your reward, some pieces of his special goat-cheese, and a hint to look for the troll's chest beneath the bridge.

If you follow him he will then trot across the bridge with his three goats to the grassy pasture.

The troll's chest is found directly beneath the bridge and contains the quest reward -- some random magical treasure, gold or gems and the Bloody Meaty Cleaver.

The Bloody Meaty Cleaver is a unique magical item with a damage health enchantment.

Rarassa will later sell you barrels of goatcheese for the Peddler's quest of the Merchants Guild if you have completed this quest.

You can also start this quest by killing the troll before speaking with Rarassa. Visit him afterwards to collect your reward.

If Rarassa is killed the quest will end automatically.