The Maomer Treasure Hunt ANQSmallQuest09

Location: Weavers Cave, east of the town of Dune, west of Two Moon Temple oasis.

This quest starts when you find a note, key and set of Maomer gauntlets on the skeletal remains of a dead bandit at the end of the spider-infested cavern. It is guarded by the sacred spider Madhahsa.

The note tells you that the bandits stole a unique set of Maomer armor from a traveler returning from the distant south and divided it up amongst themselves. (The Maomer are a race of aquatic elves in TES lore who live somewhere out in the ocean south of Elsweyr.)

The second piece of armor is hidden in a chest beneath the second waterfall of Red River gorge.

The gorge and river are in the badlands region south of Orcrest. Follow the river through the canyon. The grotto of the second waterfall where the chest is hidden is guarded by Spriggans. You will find the chest directly beneath the base of the waterfall.

Another note tells you third piece is kept by an orc in Riverhold. The only orc in that town has a house on the north side of town which contains a locked chest with the armor.

The fourth piece is hidden in a chest behind the hut of the chieftain of the tribal village at Cori Darglade, which is north-east of Dune on the savannah.

The last part of the armor, the cuirass, is owned by the bandit boss who has a base inside the remains of an old, burnt-out imperial manor. The ruins can be found up in the hills east of the Greenvale Mere in the badlands region.

To get inside you jump on top of the ruined tower and go down through the hatch. You may need to move your icon around over the hatch to find a bit you can touch activate.

Killing the bandit boss and taking the last bit of armor completes the quest.

The armor is unique with the same armor rating as elven armor. It is a rare piece and so has a higher monetary value. You can sell it, wear it, enchant it, or just keep it as a trophy. There is no male version of the armor so it is only suitable for female player characters.