The Lost Child ANQSmallQuest04

Location: Town of Riverhold

Speak to the Imperial Nasius Dio in Riverhold to start this quest. He can be found wandering the streets or in his house. He will tell you that his young son has gone missing and asks you to help him find you.

Nasius Dio is a member of the blades on an undercover posting in Elsweyr. He moved to the town with his wife and son and they have a house in the town.

You should ask by asking the townsfolk if they have seen the child.

The following NPCs all have a line of dialogue. Cornelia Dio (Nasius' wife, the mother of the child), Hzardirr the shopkeeper, Taneena the argonian, The Riverhold Guards, Lovryn Therano, the Dunmer merchant.

Lovryn is the only one with some useful information. You need to use persuasion on him to raise his disposition above 65, then he will tell you he saw the boy playing by the falls beyond the town gates.

Head down to the huge waterfall outside the town. Not the one in Riverhold itself, but rather the one at the bottom of the road. If you climb down the rock ledges you will eventually find the body of the child lying on a ledge of the falls. Take his family signet ring and return to Nasius. The father rewards you with 250 gold for the news.

If Nasius accidentally dies during the course of the quest it will end automatically.

If you want to confirm Nasius is a member of the Blades, get him into combat somehow and he will don his Blades armor.