S'lababa and the Magic Ring ANQSmallQuest03

Location: A litte encampment in the desert north-west of Orcrest. A mad khajiit in the desert has lost his magical ring, which he dropped in the sand. He asks you to help him find it . Finding a tiny ring in the middle of the wilderness is pretty hard! If you need help look at the screenshot included with the mod download.

You have several choice in this quest--

1. You can just give up if its too hard and tell S'lababa to look for his own stupid ring. This ends the quest.

2. If you find the ring you can talk to S'lababa and tell him you found it but have decided to keep it for yourself. The mad khajiit flies into a rage and tries to kill you. You can loot him for his armor when he is dead.

3. Find the ring and give it to him. S'lababa thanks you and rewards you with a set of Khajiit Lamellar armor -- cuirass, greaves and gauntlets.

He will then put on the ring, burst into flames and go running across the desert. Speak to him and he will sing about he loves the pain.

Of course, running across the middle of the desert attracts all sorts of monsters. He is not very brave so will run away from everything. Eventually something will probably kill him and you can loot his body and take the ring if you like.

The ring is a copper and ruby one with a magical enchantment which sets the wearer on fire but does no damage. It has 0 weight so you can reverse pickpocket it if feel like turning some NPC into a torch, or wear it yourself if you want a flame effect on yourself.