Here is a quick rundown of the quest-givers. You can start most by asking NPCs about their "Background."  WIP quests are not yet available.

Hunters Guild Quests Edit

  • HG01 Hunter

Quest Giver : Ogra in Corinthe

  • HG02 Hunter
  • HG03 Hunter
  • HG04 Hunter
  • HG05 Hunter
  • HG06 Hunter
  • HG07 Hunter

Quest Giver : Saimaiq in Orcrest

  • HG08 Hunter (WIP)
  • HGC Hunters Craftsmen (Party complete) 

Quest Giver : Ogra in Corinthe

Merchants Guild Quests Edit

  • MCG01 Red Jazaska

Quest Giver : Tynemwe at the Commerce Office in Corinthe

  • MCG04 Trader (WIP)

Thieves Guild Quests Edit

  • TG01 Pickpocket

Quest Giver : Jinsiraga in Corinthe

  • TG02 Horse Thief

Quest Giver : Udakhu in Tardorn Wood

  • TG03 Cat Burglar (WIP)

Quest Giver : 

Twin Lamps Quests Edit

  • TW01 Charity Work (WIP) 

Quest Giver : Tsambadi in Corinthe

Miscellaneous Quests Edit

Quest Giver : Rarassa the goatkeep, road from Darkarn Place to Brukreich Bridge

Quest Giver : Grauush Bonekeeper, shrine of Malauch west of Orcrest

Quest Giver: S'lababa, desert camp north-west of Orcrest

Quest Giver : Nasius Dio in Riverhold

  • SQ05 A Sackful of Bosmer Heads

Quest Giver : G'juna in Orcrest

Quest Giver : Jo'Rasma, Mages Guild in Riverhold

Quest Giver : Highwayman (possibly), road from Riverhold to Orcrest

Quest Giver : Magic Lamp somewhere in the desert

Quest Giver : Note on skeleton, Weavers Cave east of Dune

  • SQ10 Cat Spores (WIP)

Quest Giver : Ashisha in Corinthe

Quest Giver : Libia Beltaire of Darkarn Place

  • SQ12 Fear Factor (WIP)

Quest Giver : House in Riverhold

  • SQ13 Encyclopedia Khajiitica (WIP)

Quest Giver : Buccio Norbanus at King's Walk

  • SQ14 Corruption of the Winds (WIP)

Quest Giver : Priestess of Khenarthi, shrine on hill above Riverhold

Quest Giver : Eloine Brigette in Orcrest

  • SQ16 Chews-On-Rats

Quest Giver : Chews-On-Rats in Orcrest

  • SQ17 Spite (WIP)

Quest Giver : Caeca Rat-Tongue in Corinthe

  • SQ18 The Haunted Ghost (WIP)

Quest Giver : Ghost of Tsanja in Corinthe

  • SQ19 The Body Snatcher (WIP)

Quest Giver : Necromancer in Orcrest

Buy a House Edit

  • Buy a House in Riverhold 

Quest Giver : Queen Naghea in the castle & Hzardirr Traders