The Peddler quest involves buying and selling trade goods. Most of the purchases can be made in the Corinthe marketplace. Buyers can be found elsewhere (elsweyr?) in the province.

You can earn more silver bars than required to complete the quest. So if you wish to maximise your silver bar collection, don't visit Tynemwe until you are ready to finish it. The traders will no longer buy and sell once the quest is complete.


You may only purchase one consignment at a time from any one merchant. Once the consignment is sold or put into storage you may buy the next from that merchant.

D'jari, Corinthe, Marketplace, Barrels of Goat Cheese x4 consignments

Jolana, Corinthe, Marketplace, Kegs of Ale x4 consignments

Azhaba, Corinthe, Marketplace, Sacks of Cheap Clothes x4 consignments

Wilrick, Corinthe, Marketplace, Crates of Candles x4 consignments

Hzahbi, Corinthe, Marketplace, Crates of Clay Pottery x4 consignments

Guide de Moer, Corinthe, Marketplace, Barrels of Tomatoes and Corn x4 consignments

Llavera Sovalu, Corinthe, Marketplace, Crates of Iron Implements x4 consignments

Nahabirr, Duncori Walk, Fishmonger's Store, Barrels of Salted Fish x4 consignments

Zahrahji, Zahrahji Plantation, Barrels of Pineapples x2 consignments

Rarassa, Brukreich Bridge, Barrels of Goat's Milk x2 consignments

B'laal, Riverhold, Hills or Home, Sacks of Yarn x4 consignments

Orbias Tumnus, Orcrest, Merchants Guild, Crates of Iron Ore x4 consignments


You only need one of each of the buyers for a trade good. Sometimes NPCs die, so if one is dead, you can use the other trader instead.

Eloine Brigette, Orcrest, Barrels of Goats Cheese

Sthasa, Border Watch (in Cyrodiil), Inn, Barrels of Goats Cheese

Quartermaster Josidus, Imperial Fort, Barrels of Salted Fish

Travelling Merchant on Elephant, Barrels of Salted Fish

Quartermaster Habius, Imperial Fort, Barrels of Tomatoes and Corn

Hilde, Kings Walk Caravanserai, Barrels of Tomatoes and Corn

Lampkeeper Rhadmani, Riverhold, Palace, Crates of Candles

Priestess Bahdani, Two Moon Temple, Crates of Candles

Ubaashi, Orcrest, Marketplace, Sacks of Cheap Clothes

Travelling Merchant on Elephant, Sacks of Cheap Clothes

Nahdvirr, Corinthe, D'jari's House, Barrels of Goats Milk

Adren Sovalu, Corinthe, Crates of Iron Ore

Benrick, Riverhold, Crates of Iron Ore

Chae Varseu, Corinthe, Palace District, Barrels of Pineapples

Nirasja, Orcrest, Marketplace, Barrels of Pineapples

Hzardirr, Riverhold, Shop, Crates of Clay Pottery

Mansaba, Duncori Walk, Merchant Ship, Crates of Iron Implements

Lamsara, Alabaster, Crates of Iron Implements

Abgol dro-Ladug, Orcrest, Inn, Barrels of Ale

Yahsi, Riverhold, Feast Hall, Barrels of Ale

Ashisha, Corinthe, Azhaba's House, Sacks of Yarn

Travelling Merchant on Elephant, Sacks of Yarn