Life of a Highwayman ANQSmallQuest07

Location: On the road between the towns of Riverhold and Orcrest

You are intercepted by a highwayman on the road who demands you give him 400 septims, a ridiculous amount for a highwayman. You can say yes, no, or die! If you say no he is too cowardly to argue and backs off all miffed.

If you say "Die Khajiit!" he looks all shocked and confused and mumbles something. Then you can fight him to the death.

If you kill him you will find a letter and an engagement ring on his body, meant for his lover a khajiit woman named Nirasja. The quest starts suggesting you find her and tell her her lover is dead.

Asking around and you should find someone who knows her. Hzardirr the shopkeeper in Riverhold and Kjaana in that town tell you she lives in Orcrest.

Anyone in Orcrest will identify her as one of the merchants in the marketplace.

When you speak to Nirasja you can be diplomatic and tell her that her lover met an unfortunate end, or boast that you enjoyed butchering him.

If you take the evil path, Nirasja flies into a rage and attacks you. The townsfolk will then all turn on her and kill her if you don't. NPCs are a bloodthirsty lot!

If you kindly return the ring she will reward you with her magical Desert Chameleon Scarf. The scarf uses the amulet slot and has a minor chameleon enchantment.