I, Dremora Genie ANQSmallQuest08

Location: A magical, golden lamp lying in the desert next to a dead khajiit. It can be found at the base of the mountain at the edge of the desert north of the town of Dune. Leave Dune and keep heading north until you hit the cliffs.

Picking up the lamp summons a female Dremora who offers to grant you a wish.

Dremora are not the most generous of creatures, so she will give the minimum to fulfill her side of the bargain.

Beauty increases your personality by 2.

Fame gives you 2 points of fame.

Power increases your strength by 2.

Wealth gives you 50 rubies.

For love she will summon some poor NPC from who knows where, whipe his/her memory and have them fall hopelessly in love with you. The NPC is weak, dressed in poor clothes, and wields a stick. You can tell them to wait or follow. Male PCs will receive a female companion, and female PCs a male one.

Or you can be generous and just set her free.

Whichever you choose, her contract is now fulfilled and she is free. Being an evil dremora she attacks and tries to kill you! If you foolishly set her free without even asking for a wish, she will scoff at your stupidity and attack you anyway.

The real quest reward is her unique set of desert daedric armor and the magical lamp itself makes for a nice trinket.